literacy courses for grades K-2


    Swing into the magical world of StoryMoves with movement-based courses that enchant and educate young students through read-along sessions and dynamic activities. These courses explore fables, poetry, and mysteries, helping students understand fundamental literary concepts while improving pencil control and penmanship through hands-on writing exercises. By crafting their own stories, students unlock their creative potential, enhance narrative skills, and develop a love for storytelling, poetry, and mystery writing.


    StoryMoves 2 offers three engaging modules that combine reading with physical activities to enhance literacy and creativity. In "Adventures," students journey through jungles, mountains, deserts, and seas, navigating obstacle courses and participating in pirate scavenger hunts to boost reading comprehension and physical agility. "Fairytales & Folktales" immerses students in magical worlds, combining classic tales with imaginative activities like navigating castles and dancing with magic carpets to promote creative expression and literacy skills. "Science Fiction & Fantasy" transports students to imaginative realms with activities like robot dances and wizard duels, fostering literacy, creativity, and coordination while exploring the limitless possibilities of these genres.

literacy courses for grades 3-5


    Join WordCraft for an adventure in creative writing, where students explore fables, poetry, and mystery writing. In the fables module, participants delve into storytelling, learning to craft enchanting tales that teach moral lessons through dynamic discussions and hands-on exercises. The poetry module guides young poets in transforming emotions into verse, exploring rhythm, metaphor, and expression, and crafting meaningful, beautiful poetry. In the mystery module, students dive into suspenseful storytelling, developing complex characters and intricate plots, engaging in lively discussions to refine their narrative skills. Each session of WordCraft aims to ignite creativity, refine storytelling techniques, and deepen appreciation for the transformative power of literature.


    WordCraft 2 offers three immersive modules that blend captivating storytelling with dynamic drama activities to enhance literacy and ignite imagination. In "Adventures," students become protagonists in epic tales, decoding treasure maps and surviving simulated deserts, boosting reading comprehension and creativity. "Fairytales & Folktales" transports students into magical worlds filled with dragons and mystical dances, enriching their appreciation for classic narratives and encouraging creative expression through age-old tales. "Science Fiction & Fantasy" takes students to realms of magic and technology, where they explore extraordinary adventures and enhance their storytelling skills through dramatic representation and imaginative activities.

literacy courses for grades 3-8


    Digital Designers offers three modules to revolutionize the way students create reports, presentations, and slideshows. "Multimedia Reports" teaches students to blend text with multimedia elements using advanced design software, turning traditional reports into engaging narratives enhanced by visuals, audio, and interactive content. In "Presentations and Visuals," students refine their visual storytelling skills, learning to choose effective visuals, design informative slides, and strategically use color, typography, and layout to create resonant presentations. Finally, the "Multimedia Slideshows" module focuses on crafting immersive slideshows, emphasizing impactful image selection, sound incorporation, and creative transitions to captivate and communicate messages effectively.