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“Providing our families with access to enrichment activities after 3 pm and during dedicated break times throughout the academic day helps us with some of the biggest problems in education at a fraction of the cost of formal education and at a small percentage more than basic after-care... ”

-Lesem Puerto, Community School Partnership Manager at the Children's Institute

Learning should be fun

Brains & Motion Education unlocks the potential of every student through exhilarating enrichment delivered year-round. Our mission is to empower the next generation with world-class STEM, Arts, and Sports programs, fostering a lifelong love for learning, and shaping well-rounded individuals who are not just ready for tomorrow but thriving in the present. 

We use unique processes and technologies to unleash the power of each community. To deliver life-changing enrichment when and where and how it's needed most, we combine the most dynamic instructors with future-oriented, thoughtfully designed programs and inspiring locations nationwide.

Social and Emotional Well-being First

To say we believe in nurturing the whole child is an understatement. At BAM, social and emotional well-being is the foundation and the fabric of who we are. Our educators are trained and certified in their ability to create inclusive environments where students can express themselves freely, find their voice, and trust their judgment, all while developing essential skills like communication and conflict resolution. These are the "trampoline" human skills that will amplify all they do. It's not just collaborative projects and individualized attention which differentiate us; it's the way we integrate these aspects into the rest of our groundbreaking curriculum. Imagine STEAM infused with mindfulness, sports coaching with a positive spin, robotic design that is as much about empathy as AI.

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Adaptive STEAM Curriculum

Looking for robotics or creative writing, game design or engineering? You’ll find it here at BAM. Whether your child is a budding scientist, a promising poet, or an animator-to-be, our personalized programs empower them for a future of possibility.  

Instilling a lifelong love for learning is the goal. We get there by making things together, getting our hands dirty, talking about it, and having fun! From a tailored curriculum that's all about tinkering to real-world challenges presented by leading experts in their field, STEAM at BAM has your child working on projects and ideas that connect them to the world, its complexities and mysteries.

Crafting programs that awaken and inspire is a science, not just a passion. BAM adapts to each student’s learning level, evolving basic understanding into active problem-solving and creation. This dynamic is what propels our popular programs like GameCraft, MakersQuest, and RoboKids.

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Sports Coaching with a Positive Spin

From tennis to soccer, basketball to street hockey, BAM meets students where they are, even if they are entirely new to a sport! But developing core athletic skills is only the beginning of our programs. Instilling confidence and a growth mindset are the ultimate goals. Through positive reinforcement, personalized coaching, and team-building exercises, programs empower students to embrace physical activity as a transformational opportunity to learn about themselves, connect with others and enjoy their surroundings.

And a note about those surroundings! From local schools and parks to world-class research universities (with cool features like expansive pools and rock climbing gyms), we're committed to finding locations that inspire.

Rest assured BAM will keep your child joyfully in motion (it's part of our name, after all!).

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