Imagine the promise of education fulfilled

By bringing the best instructors and the best content together in local schools and communities, we can create opportunities for our students every day and year-round. Learning, when it’s done right, can be and should be fun. 

Join us to make exhilarating, multisensory, future-forward education a reality for millions of students across the nation. 

Guided by unwavering commitment to students, families and communities

BAM is informed by deep expertise in implementation, inspired by passion for education, and anchored by values that govern how we operate internally and serve our students, families, schools, and communities.

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We strive to consistently raise the bar. We test our ideas, evaluate our performance with data, and adapt to our changing world. 


We take fun seriously and strive to create the most dynamic, engaging, immersive, whole-being experiences possible. We recognize that what resonates emotionally and socially sticks better cognitively and intellectually.


We earn each other’s trust and the respect of our students every day. We honor our commitments and are rock-solid reliable. We seek to delight our customers – not only through the variety and quality of our offerings – but in the consistency and thoughtfulness of our service.

Teach & Learn

We know that every student has boundless potential that needs to be nurtured and supported. We have a spirit of humility and strive to learn from each other and from schools, students and their families constantly - and ultimately empower them. Education is in our DNA, and we consider opportunities to learn and grow a gift. 


We are enabled by technology and energized by constraints. We seek to do our work better - not only faster but in a way that improves human lives and that makes a powerful impact on our communities. Our optimism about technology and awareness of its context, challenges, and possibilities, is reflected in our programs and offerings. In a rapidly changing world it is paramount that today’s students learn not only to consume media but to create, understand, and command it.

Meet our founding team

We are a dynamic group of educators, trailblazers, implementation experts, experience designers, and more.

Bart Epstein, CEO

Bart Epstein, a respected educator and entrepreneur with decades of experience, has impacted over twenty million students through his leadership at companies including, the Jefferson Education Accelerator, and The Princeton Review. He served as the General Manager of a Department of Defense education program that supports U.S. military families. As a professor at the University of Virginia, Bart founded and ran a national nonprofit that teaches schools how to effectively implement complex STEM programs. He writes frequently about the need for investment in education R&D, has presented his work at the White House, and recently published an op-ed with a member of Congress. Bart served for years on the board of education nonprofits such as ASCD + ISTE, where he chaired the finance committee. Bart credits much of his early success in life to the teachers who sparked his curiosity through an after-school STEM enrichment program.

  • Jenn Thresher, CFO

  • Kristopher Kasper, COO

  • Christina Yu, CMO

  • Lori Todd, VP of Sales

  • Jody Nova, VP of Product & Curriculum

  • Veronica Cox, Director of University Programs