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WordCraft 1: Journeying through Creative Writing

WordCraft 1: Journeying through Creative Writing

Unleash your imagination and craft tales filled with intrigue, suspense, and beauty.

From weaving intricate plots in mysteries to expressing emotions in poetry, engaging in dynamic discussions, and mastering storytelling skills. Each lesson is designed to expand creativity, improve writing, and inspire a love for literature. Whether unraveling secrets, exploring moral lessons, or composing verses, WordCraft guides young writers to express their unique voices and stories. Join us to unlock the power of words and embark on a literary adventure!

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  • About WordCraft 1: Journeying through Creative Writing

    Aligned with the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) standards, WordCraft 1 offers students an exciting blend of literacy and creativity to enhance their understanding of essential writing concepts. This course combines imaginative writing prompts, engaging read-alouds, and interactive word games to immerse students in the world of creative writing. Through exploring various genres, including fables, mystery, and poetry, students will improve their writing skills, enhance their vocabulary, and unlock their creative potential. Each lesson is designed to make learning enjoyable and interactive, encouraging students to express their thoughts and emotions while mastering the fundamentals of writing.

  • Focus Areas

    Fables: Students will dive into timeless tales that teach valuable lessons. Through engaging storytelling and creative writing exercises, students will learn how to craft their own fables, complete with moral messages.

    Mystery: Invite students into a world of intrigue and suspense. By examining classic mystery stories and writing their own, students will develop skills in plot development, character creation, and the art of building tension.

    Poetry: Students will explore the beauty and rhythm of language through various poetic forms. From haikus to free verse, students will experiment with different styles and techniques, enhancing their understanding of rhyme, meter, and imagery.

  • Enhance Communication Skills

    Students will improve their communication abilities through creative writing, learning to effectively articulate thoughts, feelings, and ideas. This enhancement of writing and verbal expression is fundamental for success in both academic and social contexts.

  • Improve Academic Performance

    Creative writing activities will lead to better academic performance by enriching students' vocabulary, grammar, and language comprehension. These skills are crucial for writing excellence across all subjects, notably in essays and assignments.

  • Boost Confidence

    Engaging in creative writing boosts children's confidence, enabling more robust self-expression. This newfound self-assurance encourages students to share their thoughts and opinions more freely, using writing as a powerful tool for personal growth and expression.

Sample Lessons

These lessons offer a glimpse into the vibrant and imaginative world of WordCraft 1, where students can immerse themselves in the art of creative writing through engaging activities and interactive storytelling. Each lesson is crafted to make learning enjoyable and dynamic, encouraging students to explore various literary genres while enhancing their writing skills and creative expression.

Collapsible content

The Tale of the Clever Fox: Crafting Fables

Students will embark on an adventure to create their own fables, featuring clever animal characters and timeless moral lessons. Through playful storytelling, they'll discover how to weave wisdom into captivating narratives.

Whodunit? Writing Mysterious Adventures

Students will transform into young detectives, crafting suspenseful mystery stories filled with twists, clues, and thrilling red herrings. They'll master the art of building tension and keeping readers on the edge of their seats.

Rhymes and Rhythms: Exploring Poetry

Students will dive into the world of poetry, experimenting with different forms and techniques to create rhythmic and expressive poems. They'll discover the beauty of language and unlock their inner poets through fun and imaginative writing exercises.

The Enchanted Forest: Fantasy Fables

Students will journey into magical realms, blending fantasy with fables to write enchanting stories filled with mythical creatures and important life lessons. They'll unleash their creativity and transport readers to fantastical worlds where anything is possible.

The Haunted Mansion: Mystery and Suspense

Students will craft spine-tingling mystery tales set in eerie haunted mansions, mastering the art of suspense and surprise. They'll thrill their readers with unexpected twists and turns, making every story a captivating page-turner.

Course Format

Our curriculum is designed to blend the dynamic structure of afterschool programs with the proven 5E instructional model—Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate.

Each phase is crafted to captivate and retain student interest, fostering a seamless and enriched learning experience.

- We start with the "Engage Phase" to spark curiosity with captivating visuals and prompts.

- In the "Explore Phase," students set out on their educational journey with clear objectives, supported by an environment that embraces learning from mistakes.

- The "Explain Phase" delivers foundational knowledge that is often cross-curricular in nature.

- The "Elaborate Phase" involves hands-on projects and activities, with bonus crafts and literacy integrations.

- The journey culminates in the "Evaluate Phase," where students reflect on their achievements and connect their learning to real-world applications.

This structured yet flexible approach ensures every student benefits from a comprehensive, engaging, and reflective educational experience.

Our Instructors Are Our Top Asset

At BAM!, our vision for innovative K-8 education extends beyond just curriculum; it encompasses the educators who bring that curriculum to life. Selecting & training our educators is a continuous and meticulous process, ensuring they are not just equipped with subject matter expertise but also the skills to inspire and connect with students on a personal level.

  • 100% adult educators recruited from prestigious universities ( No CITs at BAM!)
  • Highly refined interview and background check process 
  • Extensive training that goes well beyond curriculum & classroom management
  • Ongoing year-round opportunities to teach in our summer camp. After-school, and structured recess programs.

We celebrate your success!

Upon the conclusion of your child's program, they will be presented with an official Brains & Motion Education certification.