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Math Power-Up: Building a Math Foundation

Math Power-Up: Building a Math Foundation

Join us in Math Power-Up: Building a Math Foundation, where we transform numerical learning into an adventure across Amazing Mental Math, Poetry of Math, and The Art of Math.

This adventure is designed to strengthen your math fundamentals through engaging, innovative techniques. Master mental math to calculate faster than a calculator, explore the poetic beauty of mathematical concepts, and discover the artistry behind numbers and their patterns. Each focus area blends creativity with arithmetic, making math both accessible and enjoyable. Whether you're looking to sharpen your skills or see math in a new light, this course offers a unique approach to developing a strong mathematical foundation, encouraging students to appreciate the elegance and power of math in everyday life. Join us on this enlightening journey to unleash your math potential!

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  • About Math Power-Up: Building a Math Foundation

    Math Power-Up: Building a Math Foundation is designed to enhance students' mathematical abilities through engaging and creative modules. This course empowers students to develop their arithmetic skills, appreciate the beauty of mathematical principles, and explore the artistic side of math. Each module integrates interactive activities that promote cognitive growth and analytical thinking.

    Help students discover that math is not just confined to textbooks and classrooms; it’s all around us, woven into the fabric of poetry, art, and more. Through this course, students learn to "find math anywhere" by exploring the rhythmic patterns in poetry, the geometric shapes in art, and the symmetry in nature. By engaging in activities that highlight the intersection of math with everyday life, students develop a deeper appreciation for the subject. This holistic approach demystifies math, showing its practical applications and inherent beauty, thereby fostering a love for learning and a keen eye for spotting mathematical connections in the world around them. This newfound perspective encourages students to see math not as a series of abstract concepts, but as a tangible and integral part of their daily experiences.

  • Focus Areas

    Amazing Mental Math: Students will learn to perform arithmetic calculations quickly and accurately in their minds. This focus area enhances problem-solving and cognitive abilities through strategies like visualization, number manipulation, and memory techniques, laying a solid foundation for mathematical confidence.

    Poetry of Math: Through engaging activities, students will uncover the hidden connections between math and poetry, enhancing their appreciation for equations, sequences, and patterns, and cultivating a love for learning.

    The Art of Math: Students will explore how geometry and symmetry shape our world through creative activities. This focus area encourages creativity and analytical skills, showing students that math is not just about numbers, but also about the patterns and shapes that construct our world.

  • Enhance Computational Skills

    Students will strengthen computational skills, practicing mental math techniques to perform arithmetic calculations quickly and accurately. This will boost their confidence in handling numbers, fostering a more intuitive understanding of math.

  • Deepen Conceptual Understanding

    Students will gain a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts by exploring the poetry and artistry within math. This approach encourages a holistic view of mathematics, connecting abstract ideas to real-world patterns and fostering a lasting appreciation for the subject.

  • Improve Creative Problem-Solving

    Students will cultivate creative problem-solving abilities by applying mathematical concepts to various scenarios. Engaging with math through unique lenses such as art and poetry will encourage innovative thinking, enhancing their ability to tackle complex problems with confidence.

Sample Lessons

These lessons offer a glimpse into the vibrant and dynamic world of Math Power-Up: Building a Math Foundation, showcasing how students can find math anywhere!

Collapsible content

Rapid Calculations - Mastering Mental Math

Embark on a journey to master rapid calculations with "Rapid Calculations"! In this lesson, students will learn mental math techniques to perform arithmetic operations quickly and accurately. This hands-on lesson boosts computational skills and enhances cognitive abilities.

Visualizing Numbers - Enhancing Memory Techniques

Dive into "Visualizing Numbers" and enhance your memory techniques! Students will explore strategies like visualization and number manipulation to solve math problems mentally. This lesson improves problem-solving skills and mathematical fluency.

Mathematical Harmony - Exploring Patterns in Nature

Discover the harmony of math in "Mathematical Harmony"! Students will explore patterns in nature, arts, and everyday life, linking them to mathematical principles. This lesson fosters an appreciation for the beauty of equations and sequences.

Geometry in Art - Creating Symmetrical Designs

Unleash your creativity with "Geometry in Art"! In this lesson, students will create symmetrical designs and explore geometric shapes through artistic activities. This hands-on project enhances spatial awareness and analytical thinking.

The Beauty of Equations - Connecting Math and Poetry

Connect math and poetry in "The Beauty of Equations"! Students will explore the poetic nature of mathematical principles through engaging activities. This lesson cultivates a love for learning and shows the omnipresence of math in the world around us.

Course Format

Our curriculum for Math Power-Up: Building a Math Foundation blends the dynamic structure of afterschool programs with the proven 5E instructional model—Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate. Each phase is carefully designed to captivate and retain student interest, fostering a seamless and enriched learning experience.

Engage Phase: We spark curiosity with captivating visuals and thought-provoking prompts related to mathematics. This phase draws students into the subject matter by showcasing the fun and practical applications of math.

Explore Phase: Students embark on their educational journey with clear STEM objectives, supported by an environment that encourages experimentation and learning from mistakes. They begin to brainstorm and explore math concepts through interactive activities.

Explain Phase: Foundational STEM knowledge is delivered, integrating concepts from arithmetic, geometry, and problem-solving. Students learn about numbers, shapes, and patterns, understanding how these principles apply to their activities.

Elaborate Phase: Students participate in hands-on projects, practicing math skills in fun and engaging ways. This phase reinforces their learning through practical application and critical thinking exercises, pushing them to innovate and refine their skills.

Evaluate Phase: The journey culminates in reflection, where students assess their achievements and connect their learning to real-world STEM applications. They showcase their math skills, explaining the concepts behind their activities, and reflecting on the problem-solving skills they've developed.

This structured yet flexible approach ensures every student benefits from a comprehensive, engaging, and reflective STEM educational experience, turning innovative ideas into practical math skills. Join us to explore the limitless potential of Math Power-Up and unleash your creativity!

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At BAM!, our vision for innovative K-8 education extends beyond just curriculum; it encompasses the educators who bring that curriculum to life. Selecting & training our educators is a continuous and meticulous process, ensuring they are not just equipped with subject matter expertise but also the skills to inspire and connect with students on a personal level.

  • 100% adult educators recruited from prestigious universities ( No CITs at BAM!)
  • Highly refined interview and background check process 
  • Extensive training that goes well beyond curriculum & classroom management
  • Ongoing year-round opportunities to teach in our summer camp. After-school, and structured recess programs.

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