Arts courses for grades k-2


    Explore the world of creativity with Imagination Studio! Our courses in paper crafts, sculpting, and painting nurture artistic skills, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. Students develop problem-solving abilities and self-awareness through hands-on activities, crafting unique masterpieces, molding clay art, and painting vivid expressions. Perfect for budding artists eager to explore their creative potential!

  • PixelTech Kids

    Dive into the digital realm with PixelTech Kids! Our courses in digital arts, game design, and global artistry use Tux Paint to ignite young imaginations. Students learn digital painting, character design, and global cultural themes, fostering innovation and appreciation for the digital and interconnected world.


    Experience the joy of music with Unruly Splats and Music & Motion! Unruly Splats combines movement, coding, and music, while Music & Motion introduces melody, singing, and musical notation. Students connect movement to rhythm, explore global music, and create melodies, culminating in an engaging, multi-sensory musical journey.

Arts courses for grades K-5


    Explore the wonders of toys, games, and gadgets through MakersQuest's engaging build challenges and creative adventures! Students will delve into scientific topics such as gravity and momentum, applying engineering principles and design thinking to construct inventive contraptions. This hands-on approach fosters a deep understanding of scientific concepts, encourages innovation, and prepares students for real-world problem-solving. Join us on this exciting journey of discovery and creativity!


    ArtQuest invites students to explore the worlds of drawing, mixed media portraits, and sculpting, fostering self-expression and emotional exploration. Young artists will convey complex thoughts and feelings visually, enhancing their emotional well-being and discovery. As they refine their artistic techniques and styles, they'll witness their confidence bloom with each achievement, building self-esteem and nurturing a positive self-image through the celebration of creativity and individual growth.


    Music & Motion combines rhythm, movement, and melody into an active musical journey. Students will explore rhythm basics with body percussion and instruments, engage in music and dance activities, and learn the fundamentals of melody and musical notation. The courses culminate in interactive showcases where students present their rhythmic compositions, perform celebratory dances, and demonstrate their melody-making skills, fostering a deep love for music.

Arts courses for grades 3-5

  • unruly music kids

    In this hands-on after-school music course, students will explore the intersection of music, technology, active play, and coding using Unruly Splats, programmable floor buttons that light up and make sounds. Through active games and block-based coding, students will learn music theory basics like notes, rhythm, and tempo, engage in musical improvisation activities, and explore how technology integrates with music. They will gain knowledge of coding concepts needed to create short musical pieces with Splats, with no prior coding experience required.


    Embark on an electronic music adventure with Music Production Studio's introduction to Soundtrap, where students are guided through diverse genres such as hip-hop and classical, diving into songwriting, sound mixing, and more. They will experiment with beats, equalization, and filters, honing their musical skills, with collaborative projects culminating in a showcase of their digital compositions. Additionally, students will step into the world of film and podcast production, learning to weave captivating narratives, design soundscapes, and produce podcasts and film scores, exploring scriptwriting, sound editing, background scoring, and effective storytelling techniques. Finally, they will dive into the dynamic world of video game music, composing immersive soundtracks that enhance gaming experiences, crafting melodies, understanding thematic development, and experimenting with sound effects. Collaborative projects will result in portfolio pieces that showcase their ability to create mood, tension, and emotion, essential skills for budding video game composers.

Arts courses for grades 3-8


    Step into StageCraft and explore the world of improv comedy, drama, and playwriting to boost your confidence, perfect your public speaking, and enhance your self-expression. This course offers imaginative exercises, collaborative work, and quick-thinking development, perfect for budding actors and playwrights. You'll learn to transport audiences with captivating stories, enhance your storytelling skills, and master stage presence, transforming ideas into compelling theatrical narratives. Whether aiming to enchant audiences, refine your writing prowess, or improve communication, this journey into drama and improv provides the tools to mesmerize and dominate the stage, making every performance unforgettable. Join us and transform your dreams into reality.