An unforgettable summer awaits

BAM isn't just another summer camp. It's a fusion of classic summer camp adventures and a revolutionary curriculum designed to awaken, enrich, and inspire. Here at BAM, every sunrise brings fresh experiences, every sunset marks new friendships, and in between, we kindle a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Join the adventure and make summer amazing!

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Check out our scholarship program

Scholarship applications for our Summer 2024 season will be accepted until July 1st, 2024.
We will make an effort to reply to all applications within two weeks.


At Brains And Motion Summer Camp, children will experience positive, enriching, and engaging daily activities. Below is a typical schedule for our campers during Summer Camps. Individual times may vary depending on the needs of the location.

Why Choose Brains & Motion?

Make friends and discover new shades of fun - all while learning!

Holistic Adventure:
Our campgrounds are the perfect canvas for traditional camp fun and stimulating educational experiences. From soccer and improv comedy to robotics and game design, BAM offers a delightful and carefully crafted mix of activities, community, and personal growth.

Next-Generation Curriculum: The proven curriculum at BAM transforms complex subjects into memorable, hands-on experiences. Watch your child's eyes light up as they build robots, create art, or dive into the world of digital storytelling with popular programs like GameCraft, RoboKids, and MakersQuest.

Real Friendships: Camp isn’t just about activities; it’s about friendship. The kind that lasts way beyond summer. At Brains & Motion, campers forge real friendships, learn teamwork, and build memories they'll cherish forever.

Expert Staff: Our team is more than just trained professionals. They're mentors, guides, and champions of a vibrant camp culture. They're dedicated to bringing out the best in each camper, ensuring every child feels valued, heard, and inspired. Bottom line: they ensure your kids have fun!