We can’t wait to see your child at Brains & Motion Columbus, OH summer camps, where joyful movement meets STEAM skills for the future! 

With fun at the forefront of everything we do, BAM! programs are totally unlike school, tutoring, or sports practice. Kids are free to explore, laugh, and grow their skills in a pressure-free environment, guided by instructors with talent and personality to match. At our summer camps in Columbus, OH, you’ll see how our focus on whole-child development sets us apart from enrichment providers who zero in on a single subject. Your child will feel the difference and thrive!

With 1,100 school partners and 93,000 BAM! alumni, we are trusted nationwide to:

  • Stimulate young minds with exciting curriculum in coding, game design, animation, sports, and more
  • Keep growing bodies joyfully active, promoting physical and emotional well-being
  • Foster friendships that last a lifetime by connecting kids of all interests and backgrounds

Come experience the magic of Brains & Motion this summer at our Columbus, OH camps for kids!

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