How Structured Recess Can Improve Academic Performance in Students

How Structured Recess Can Improve Academic Performance in Students

Recess is more than just a break from class; it serves as a cornerstone of a child's school experience, offering numerous developmental benefits beyond physical activity. Yet, traditional unstructured recess periods often underutilize this valuable time for fostering holistic growth. 

By exploring the concept of structured recess, we can unlock its potential to enrich students' academic journeys and promote their overall well-being and social development. Let’s explore the transformative power of purposeful play during recess and its profound impact on enhancing academic success in students.

The Importance of Physical Activity

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that children engage in 60 minutes of physical activity daily, emphasizing the importance of recess in a child's educational experience. Regular physical activity is essential for overall growth and development, offering benefits for physical, mental, and psychosocial health that are closely tied to learning outcomes. 

Getting kids active improves their health and fitness and has been linked to reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, contributing to improved mental well-being and mood regulation. By incorporating regular physical activity into their routines, children develop healthier bodies and cultivate stronger minds, laying the foundation for a happier and more balanced lifestyle.

For physical activity programs to work well, they must match the changes in children's abilities and skills as they grow. This means including exercises like aerobic and resistance training, providing structured and unstructured activities, and having sessions of different lengths. This approach helps maximize health benefits and keeps kids interested and engaged.

What is Structured Recess?

Structured recess is a deliberate approach to outdoor playtime that emphasizes organization, supervision, and purposeful engagement among students. Unlike traditional unstructured recess periods, structured recess incorporates planned activities, designated play areas, and adult supervision to create a more controlled and purposeful environment. 

Structured recess offers a structured and supervised environment where children can safely engage in play and physical activity. By providing clear guidelines and adult supervision, structured recess ensures the safety of all participants, reducing the risk of accidents or conflicts. 

These activities are typically tailored to meet students' developmental needs and interests, providing opportunities for physical exercise, social interaction, and skill development. Additionally, the presence of adult supervisors ensures safety, reinforces positive behavior, and facilitates constructive play among students. 

Benefits of Structured Recess

By promoting focus, concentration, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills, structured recess creates an environment where students can apply classroom concepts in real-life scenarios, fostering deeper understanding and retention. Whether navigating obstacle courses, battling it out on the dodgeball court, or working together to capture the flag, structured recess allows students to apply their problem-solving and critical thinking skills in practical settings, enhancing their overall learning experience.

Structured recess benefits children in many ways, including:

  • Increasing their level of physical activity
  • Improving their memory, attention, and concentration
  • Helping them stay on-task in the classroom
  • Reducing disruptive behavior in the classroom
  • Improving their social and emotional development

Structured recess can also help reduce instances of aggressive behavior by offering opportunities for children to learn and practice positive social interactions and conflict-resolution skills. These programs foster the development of teamwork, communication, and leadership abilities among children, contributing to a more positive school culture. 

Children can develop social skills, teamwork, and cooperation in this organized setting while staying physically active and having fun. Structured recess promotes inclusive play by accommodating children of varying abilities and interests, fostering a sense of belonging and participation among all students. 


Brains & Motion Education’s Structured Recess Programs

Structured Recess isn't just about having fun and facilitating holistic development. At Brains & Motion Education, our Structured Recess program is thoughtfully designed to provide a break from academic pursuits and foster physical activity, social interaction, and personal growth. 

  • Qualified Coaches & Staff
  • Athletic Development
  • Safe Environment
  • Positive Culture
  • Teamwork & Sportsmanship
  • Competition

Unlike traditional unstructured recess periods, our program offers a carefully curated selection of activities to engage students of all interests and abilities. BAM! Structured Recess Programs bring various fun games and activities that allow children to blow off steam and benefit from physical and mental activity. 

  • Circle Games
  • Holiday Games
  • Invasion Games
  • Strategic Games
  • Tag Games
  • Self Sufficient Stations
  • Indoor ‘Active’ Games
  • Indoor Classroom Games

Structured Recess isn't just about running around aimlessly; it's about providing a diverse range of activities to cater to the preferences and needs of every child. Our coaches ensure that each activity is inclusive, promoting participation and enjoyment for all students. 


Structured recess holds tremendous potential for enhancing academic success in students. By harnessing the power of play to support cognitive development and learning, educators can create engaging and enriching school environments that promote student achievement and well-being. 

Brains & Motion Education's Structured Recess Programs promote physical activity and foster social skills, teamwork, and personal growth by providing a well-rounded approach to playtime. At Brains & Motion Education, we're committed to revolutionizing recess and enhancing the school experience for children nationwide. 

Together, we can create environments where every child feels safe, supported, and empowered to thrive. Contact us today to learn more about how you can bring Brains & Motion Education's Structured Recess Programs to your community and impact children's lives. 


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