Experimenting While Learning: An Interview with Brains & Motion Instructor Jasmine L.

Experimenting While Learning: An Interview with Brains & Motion Instructor Jasmine L.

This week, we had the privilege of chatting with Brains & Motion instructor Jasmine L., a multi-talented STEAM expert who specializes in science, coding, robotics, game design, animation, creative writing, and more! With a decade of experience, Jasmine is uniquely qualified to empower the next generation of innovators. Learn more about her teaching style, and get a feel for the exceptional caliber of instructors your child will meet at BAM! summer camps.

Jasmine, what inspired you to work at Brains & Motion, and what does the opportunity mean to you?

"My high school robotics team used to host weekly workshops at local elementary schools to inspire young students to pursue interests in computer design, 3D printing, mechanics, and pneumatics. The impact of these workshops motivated me to educate the next generation of creators, with a focus on integrating limitless creativity with science. Brains & Motion gives me the opportunity to do exactly that!

One of the most fulfilling parts of my job is when students unlock their potential. During a lesson in coding, for example, one student was astonished to find she was capable of creating her own short animation. It feels incredibly rewarding to nurture the talents of the next generation."


What excites you the most about the Summer 2024 camp season?

"I’m most excited to stay busy with lots of diverse activities such as Minecraft coding, Lego building, robotics engineering, and sports. Summer camp is a great way to stay active and engaged while school is out. Camp is also a valuable place to make new friends and unforgettable memories!"


How do you incorporate creativity into your STEAM lessons?

"I ask students questions about their projects to help them visualize their ideas and outline their goals. I also encourage students to experiment and take risks. It is essential to allow children to make mistakes and to assist them with the tools to find solutions."


Why is it important for kids to build STEAM skills?

"STEAM skills are critical to 21st century learning! Through fun experiments and learning activities, these skills aid children’s cognitive development by stimulating critical thinking skills, collaboration, communication, and confidence."


What advice would you give to kids trying something new for the first time?

"Be creative and flexible—take alternate routes to make things happen and don’t be afraid to ask questions!"


What do you hope kids will take away from their experience at our camps?

"I want to help students reach their goals to take pride in their accomplishments. I hope that kids will be able to walk away from camp with a sense of confidence and competence."


How do you stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in STEAM?

"Our lesson plans are highly informative and I refer to them often. I stay on top of trends through our BAM! Blog and other communities of educators implementing STEAM skills to their curriculum."


What are your future goals or career aspirations after teaching at Brains & Motion?

"In addition to my love of STEAM, I'm also passionate about sociology and am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in that field. By combining my interests, I want to expand educational opportunities for Native, rural, and underserved communities. Lack of tech education puts rural students at a disadvantage and I want to help remedy that."



We are thankful to Jasmine for sharing these inspiring insights and can't wait for your child to meet her or another incredible mentor this summer at Brains & Motion. We encourage you to visit our blog regularly for more expert perspectives, and explore our lineup of Summer 2024 STEAM and sports camps.

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