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Brookline Recreation Center (The Eliot)

Brookline PM Enrichment Monthly Billing Enrollment TEST PRODUCT

Brookline PM Enrichment Monthly Billing Enrollment TEST PRODUCT

It is time to set up your monthly billing for the PM Enrichment program at Brookline. 

Program Cost: $600/month during the program, billed on the 22nd of each month. The first payment will be deducted on August 22, 2024.  

Program Format: This program runs from 2:15 PM to 6:00 PM daily, aligned with the school calendar.

Please use the subscribe button to provide the payment method that we will bill each 22nd of the month. 

Questions? Please call Customer Service at 213-123-4567. 


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  • About Brookline PM Enrichment Monthly Billing Enrollment TEST PRODUCT

    Brains & Motion provides access to essential after-school discovery in STEM, Sports, and Arts. Our innovative curriculum is tailored to each age and experience level, allowing your child to pursue an existing passion or discover something new. Every day is filled with fun and engaging activities, from guided games, play and homework help to exciting STEAM and sports experiences. Brains & Motion ensures a great after-school experience, fostering both learning and enjoyment.

    Join us to end your child’s day on a high note with activities that inspire growth and creativity.

  • Topics Covered

    In our Brains & Motion after-school programs, children embark on a journey of exploration and growth through a variety of engaging topics. Students will dive into the wonders of STEM with hands-on adventures with Dash the Robot, Strawbees, Legos, and more. These creative projects that spark curiosity and innovation. They'll enhance their physical abilities and teamwork skills through dynamic sports activities, fostering both fitness and cooperation. Our arts curriculum encourages self-expression and creativity, while guided playtime promotes social skills and emotional well-being.

  • Enhanced Cognitive Skills

    Children will develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities through activities like coding with Dash the Robot and building with Strawbees. These experiences foster analytical skills, creativity, and a passion for STEM subjects, laying a strong foundation for future academic success.

  • Improved Physical Coordination and Teamwork

    Through dynamic sports and obstacle course activities, students will enhance their physical coordination, balance, and teamwork. Games that involve throwing and kicking a ball help children develop motor skills and understand the value of cooperation and sportsmanship.

  • Boosted Artistic Expression and Creativity

    Art projects, such as creating animal sculptures, encourage children to explore their imaginations and express themselves. These activities help develop fine motor skills and provide a creative outlet, boosting confidence and promoting an appreciation for the arts.

Sample Schedule

Welcome to our exciting PM Enrichment program! Each day is packed with fun and engaging activities designed to inspire learning and play. Here's a sneak peek at a sample schedule of what your child might experience during a week of BAM's PM Enrichment Program:

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Monday: Dash the Robot Adventures

Unleash your child's inner techie with Dash the Robot! Students will dive into the basics of coding and robotics, learning to program Dash to complete various challenges and tasks. It's a hands-on adventure that combines creativity and technology.

Tuesday: Animals Around the World

Get creative with Animal Sculptures! Kids will explore their artistic side by crafting adorable animal sculptures using different materials. This activity enhances fine motor skills and encourages imaginative expression.

Wednesday: Games with Throwing and Kicking a Ball

Boost physical skills with games focused on the skills of throwing and kicking a ball! Children will participate in a variety of fun ball games that improve coordination, teamwork, and overall fitness. It's a fantastic way to stay active and have a blast with friends.

Thursday: Strawbees and Friendship

Build and innovate with Strawbees and Me! Students will use Strawbees construction kits to design and build creations focused on friendship. This activity promotes engineering skills, problem-solving, and creative thinking while boosting their ability to actively participate in a group.

Friday: Obstacle Course Based Games

End the week with excitement in Obstacle Course Based Games! Kids will navigate through thrilling obstacle courses, enhancing their agility, balance, and endurance. It's the perfect way to wrap up the week with a fun physical challenge.

Course Format

Our program features a rotating schedule that seamlessly blends science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics with fitness activities. Each afternoon, children engage in a variety of hands-on projects and active games, ensuring a well-rounded experience that nurtures both mind and body.

By rotating through diverse activities, BAM's PM Enrichment keeps children engaged, motivated, and excited to learn. Our course format ensures that every child experiences a holistic development, blending intellectual growth with physical fitness in a fun and supportive environment.

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Our Instructors Are Our Top Asset

At BAM!, our vision for innovative K-8 education extends beyond just curriculum; it encompasses the educators who bring that curriculum to life. Selecting & training our educators is a continuous and meticulous process, ensuring they are not just equipped with subject matter expertise but also the skills to inspire and connect with students on a personal level.

  • 100% adult educators recruited from prestigious universities ( No CITs at BAM!)
  • Highly refined interview and background check process 
  • Extensive training that goes well beyond curriculum & classroom management
  • Ongoing year-round opportunities to teach in our summer camp. After-school, and structured recess programs.