Discover a whole new approach to education with our latest courses at Brains and Motion Education. We're excited to present engaging learning experiences that not only foster curiosity but also ignite a passion for knowledge in students.

Teaming up with Yaizy, we've curated expert content and assembled a dedicated staff to provide your students with unparalleled opportunities. Our courses provide students with hands-on exposure to industry-leading content, empowering them to explore potential career pathways.

Animation DreamLab: Character Creation & Storytelling in Motion

For Grades 6-8

Dive into the world of animation, exploring the art of character design and storytelling. Students will develop their artistic skills and understand the fundamentals of motion and visual storytelling. They will learn to bring characters to life and tell engaging stories, enhancing their creativity and technical abilities in animation software.

Coding Bootcamp: Comprehensive App Development

For grades 6-8

Master coding and programming from Scratch to Python. Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge in various programming languages and tools, developing app creation and software problem-solving skills. This intensive course prepares students for the ever-evolving tech landscape, emphasizing logical thinking and creativity.

Included in our innovative, turn-key solution:

  • Yaizy’s custom edu-gaming platform;
  • Curriculum that includes Career & College Readiness and Career & Technical Education topics;
  • A qualified online teacher who engages students in real-world, project-based learning;
  • An onsite Brains and Motion Education learning coach to support the students, whether it is during school or after school.
  • Increase in understanding of digital professions

  • Improvement in digital-career readiness skills

  • Increase in social emotional learning and 21st century mindsets