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LEGO Innovators: Engineering and Design + Sports Adventures for Grades K-2

LEGO Innovators: Engineering and Design + Sports Adventures for Grades K-2

Embark on a journey of discovery and creation with our LEGO Innovators: Engineering and Design + Sports Adventures course!

This exciting program allows students to dive into engineering and architecture through hands-on learning with LEGO kits. They'll explore the essentials of structural design and building principles, enhancing their spatial awareness and fine motor skills as they manipulate LEGO pieces to form intricate designs. But the adventure doesn't end there – the course also includes Sports Adventures, where students engage in various physical activities, fostering their physical coordination, fitness, and social skills like teamwork and communication. This comprehensive course combines technical learning with physical play, ensuring a balanced and enriching experience for young innovators and athletes!!

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  • Camp Hours: 9AM-3PM
  • After Camp, M-TH: 3PM -6PM*
  • Friday Family Showcase: 2PM-3PM

*Location Dependent. This option will appear after selecting a camp week if this location has it available.

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  • About LEGO Innovators: Engineering and Design + Sports Adventures for Grades K-2

    Set off on an exploration and creativity spree with our LEGO Innovators. This engineering and design program immerses students in the world of engineering and architecture, providing a hands-on approach to learning with LEGO kits. Participants will delve into fundamental structural design and construction techniques, boosting their spatial understanding and fine motor abilities as they create amazing LEGO constructs.

  • Topics Covered

    • Discover amazing feats of engineering and architecture in buildings.
    • Design, build and compete in extreme sports with LEGOs.
    • Explore ways to use shapes and patterns in building.
    • Travel from outer space in rockets to underwater in submarines.

  • Engineering and Architectural Concepts through LEGO

    Students will engage in hands-on learning to discover the fundamentals of engineering and architecture using LEGO kits. They will develop an understanding of structural design, balance, and the principles of building,

  • Enhancement of Spatial Awareness and Fine Motor Skills

    As students build with LEGO, they will enhance their spatial intelligence and fine motor abilities. This includes understanding dimensions, shapes, and the physical manipulation of small pieces to create intricate designs.

  • Physical Development and Team Collaboration

    Students will participate in various sports to develop physical coordination, fitness, and social skills like teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship. This holistic approach supports physical education and social-emotional learning, balancing technological skills with physical and cooperative play.

Sample Schedule

Here’s a sample of what a week in this course could look like. Keep in mind, our experienced instructors will build the camp that is right for your student, and this outline demonstrates some of the key materials and the overall camp experience.

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Monday: Feats of Engineering

Students will go on a global journey of engineering marvels before creating blueprints, exploring engineering concepts, and building houses and towers of their own.

Tuesday: Transportation Constructs

Through studying tunnels and bridges, students will explore transportation construction needed to move vehicles across our country before having a construction competition. Whose bridge can hold the most weight?

Wednesday: Extreme Sports Challenge

Time for the LEGO Olympics, where friendly competition and extreme creativity come together with LEGOs to create an epic sporting adventure.

Thursday: Traveling The Amazing World

From jungles to deep oceans of the world, students will explore nature before blasting off into outer space to design a solar system and rocket ship.

Friday: Robot Adventures

Buckle up because our classroom is closing camp by transforming into a LEGO robotics lab where we’ll experiment with different ways robots can be built!

Course Format

This course is part of a weeklong summer camp running Monday through Friday. Your child will learn in a small group setting from an experienced instructor. An exciting daily schedule balances learning and exploration of this topic with a variety of outdoor and recreational activities within the larger camp setting. Lunch and aftercare options are available based on location.

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Our Instructors Are Our Top Asset

At BAM!, our vision for innovative K-8 education extends beyond just curriculum; it encompasses the educators who bring that curriculum to life. Selecting & training our educators is a continuous and meticulous process, ensuring they are not just equipped with subject matter expertise but also the skills to inspire and connect with students on a personal level.

  • 100% adult educators recruited from prestigious universities ( No CITs at BAM!)
  • Highly refined interview and background check process 
  • Extensive training that goes well beyond curriculum & classroom management
  • Ongoing year-round opportunities to teach in our summer camp. After-school, and structured recess programs.

We celebrate your success!

Upon the conclusion of your child's program, they will be presented with an official Brains & Motion Education certification.