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Rube Goldberg® Machines: Over Engineering Simple Solutions for Grades 6-8

Rube Goldberg® Machines: Over Engineering Simple Solutions for Grades 6-8

Step into the inventive world of Rube Goldberg® Machines: Over Engineering Simple Solutions, a course designed to spark creativity and technical prowess in students.

In this program, students will cultivate innovative engineering and design skills by constructing Rube Goldberg® machines. They'll learn to transform simple tasks into complex, whimsical operations, imaginatively applying their creativity and technical understanding. This hands-on experience emphasizes the practical application of physics, deepening their understanding of forces, motion, and simple machines. Students will gain theoretical knowledge and see how it translates into real-world applications. The course further challenges students to enhance their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. They will strategically plan, execute, troubleshoot, and refine their designs, adopting a systematic and analytical approach to engineering challenges. This program is an adventure in engineering, offering a unique combination of creativity, scientific principles, and fun, all aimed at enhancing students' skills in imaginative problem-solving and engineering.

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  • Camp Hours: 9AM-3PM
  • After Camp, M-TH: 3PM -6PM*
  • Friday Family Showcase: 2PM-3PM

*Location Dependent. This option will appear after selecting a camp week if this location has it available.

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  • About Rube Goldberg® Machines: Over Engineering Simple Solutions for Grades 6-8

    In this program, students will develop advanced engineering and design skills by constructing their own Rube Goldberg machines. They will master the art of turning straightforward tasks into intricate, engaging processes, innovatively applying their creativity and technical knowledge. This interactive course underscores the practical aspects of physics, enriching students' comprehension of forces, motion, and the mechanics behind simple machines.

  • Topics Covered

    • Exploration of Rube Goldberg® Machines and the principles of simple machines.
    • Narrative techniques in machine design.
    • Complex machine construction and collaborative teamwork.
    • The iterative process of testing, debugging, and refining designs.

  • Innovative Engineering and Design Skills

    Students will cultivate the ability to design and construct Rube Goldberg machines, applying innovative thinking and engineering principles. They will learn how to transform simple tasks into complex, whimsical operations, showcasing their creativity and technical acumen and emphasizing the application of knowledge in physics to solve problems in imaginative and complex ways.

  • Understanding and Application of Basic Physics Principles

    Through the construction of Rube Goldberg machines, students will deepen their understanding of basic physics principles, including forces, motion, and the use of simple machines. They will apply these concepts practically, demonstrating how theoretical knowledge can be translated into real-world applications, fostering an engaging and hands-on approach to learning scientific concepts.

  • Enhancement of Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

    The course challenges students to enhance their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. They must strategically plan and execute their designs and troubleshoot and refine their machines to achieve the desired outcome. This process encourages a methodical and analytical approach to engineering challenges.

Sample Schedule

Here’s a sample of what a week in this course could look like. Keep in mind, our experienced instructors will build the camp that is right for your student, and this outline demonstrates some of the key materials and the overall camp experience.

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Monday: Exploring Rube Goldberg Machines

Introduction to Rube Goldberg® machines via video, conceptualizing simple machines, and brainstorming a balloon-popping machine.

Tuesday: Construction and Story Crafting

Investigate the collaborative potential of machines, initiate construction from the project's endpoint, and develop the project's narrative.

Wednesday: In-depth Design and Collective Building Efforts

Inspired by remarkable Rube Machines, engage in detailed design thinking and tackle problem-solving at the outset of the primary construction phase.

Thursday: Combining and Enhancing Designs

Address the challenge of integrating separate mini machines into the whole, concluding with a thorough test and enhancement of the machine and its narrative.

Friday: Showcasing the Rube Goldberg® Machine

Final adjustments and decorations to the machine, coupled with a narrative rehearsal, culminate in a showcase of Rube Goldberg® creativity and innovation.

Course Format

This course is part of a weeklong summer camp running Monday through Friday. Your child will learn in a small group setting from an experienced instructor. An exciting daily schedule balances learning and exploration of this topic with a variety of outdoor and recreational activities within the larger camp setting. Lunch and aftercare options are available based on location.

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