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Animation DreamLab: Character Creation & Storytelling in Motion for Grades 6-8

Animation DreamLab: Character Creation & Storytelling in Motion for Grades 6-8

Step into the vibrant world of Animation DreamLab: Character Creation & Storytelling in Motion, where creativity meets technology!

This course offers students an in-depth exploration of the art of animation, focusing on the intricacies of character design and the principles of motion. They will gain hands-on experience with animation software, learning to create dynamic and expressive characters that embody artistic flair and technical proficiency. The journey extends to mastering creative storytelling and visual narration skills, where students will use various techniques to craft engaging stories and animate them into captivating sequences. This process fosters creativity and imagination in visual media and enhances students' technical skills using animation software. They'll delve into the functionalities and tools of animation programs, preparing them for more advanced study or future careers in digital arts and animation. Animation DreamLab is an immersive experience that nurtures artistic talent, technical skills, and a passion for storytelling in the exciting world of animation.

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  • Camp Hours: 9AM-3PM
  • After Camp, M-TH: 3PM -6PM*
  • Friday Family Showcase: 2PM-3PM

*Location Dependent. This option will appear after selecting a camp week if this location has it available.

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  • About Animation DreamLab: Character Creation & Storytelling in Motion for Grades 6-8

    This course provides students with a comprehensive journey through the world of animation, emphasizing character creation and motion principles. Participants will acquire practical skills in animation software, crafting lively and expressive characters that showcase both creativity and technical skill. The adventure progresses into the realms of imaginative storytelling and visual narration, utilizing a variety of techniques to develop compelling narratives and bring them to life through engaging animated sequences.

  • Topics Covered

    • Dive into character creation and learn the principles of motion in animation.
    • Develop practical skills in animation software to create expressive characters.
    • Master storytelling and visual narration through animated sequences.
    • Gain experience with a variety of software, including BrushNinja, MonsterMash, CloudStopMotion, Clipchamp, and Canva

  • Mastery in Animation and Character Design

    Students will gain in-depth knowledge and skills in the art of animation, focusing on character design and the principles of motion. They will learn how to use animation software to create dynamic and expressive characters, emphasizing the development of both artistic abilities and technical proficiency in animation.

  • Creative Storytelling and Visual Narration Skills

    The course will enhance students' abilities in storytelling and visual narration. Students will explore various techniques to craft engaging stories and bring them to life through animated sequences, fostering creativity and imagination in visual media.

  • Development of Technical Skills in Animation Software

    Students will learn to effectively use animation software, gaining hands-on experience in creating animated content. They will understand the functionalities and tools available in animation programs, enhancing their technical skills and digital literacy and preparing students for advanced study or careers in digital arts and animation.

Sample Schedule

Here’s a sample of what a week in this course could look like. Keep in mind, our experienced instructors will build the camp that is right for your student, and this outline demonstrates some of the key materials and the overall camp experience.

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Monday: Exploring the Foundations of Animation

Students kick off with an animated self-portrait, exploring the illusion of movement through BrushNinja. The day ends with a peer review workshop, where feedback and extension activities deepen their understanding of animation principles.

Tuesday: Crafting Narratives and Characters

The day focuses on developing diverse characters and narratives, enhanced by visual storytelling. A concluding workshop facilitates peer feedback and further exploration of storytelling techniques.

Wednesday: Character Design and Development

Learners delve into professional character design, creating their own characters in BrushNinja and understanding the role of shapes in animation. The session wraps up with a peer review workshop, focusing on refining character designs through constructive feedback.

Thursday: The Art of Storytelling in Animation

Students explore story structure and Pixar’s story formula, animating a scene with BrushNinja. The day concludes with a feedback session, encouraging deeper exploration of storytelling principles.

Friday: Culmination and Presentation

FInal polish is added to all projects in preparation for showcasing the diverse range of projects developed throughout the week and a celebration of creativity and technical skill.

Course Format

This course is part of a weeklong summer camp running Monday through Friday. Your child will learn in a small group setting on an inspiring university campus from an experienced instructor. An exciting daily schedule balances learning and exploration of this topic with a variety of outdoor and recreational activities within the larger camp setting. Lunch and aftercare options are available based on location.

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  • 100% adult educators recruited from prestigious universities ( No CITs at BAM!)
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