From Curiosity to Creativity: An Interview with Brains & Motion Instructor Anshul V.

From Curiosity to Creativity: An Interview with Brains & Motion Instructor Anshul V.

This week, we were thrilled to chat with Brains & Motion instructor Anshul V. This STEAM extraordinaire has over 5,000 hours of teaching experience under his belt—and he's more passionate than ever about empowering the next generation of innovators. Learn more about his educational philosophy, and get a feel for the exceptional caliber of instructors your child can expect to meet at our summer camps.  


Anshul, what inspired you to work at Brains & Motion, and what does the opportunity mean to you? 

"My journey with Brains & Motion began out of a desire to see children excited about learning and to create an environment that feels less like a classroom and more like a playground for the mind. BAM!'s philosophy that learning should be a joyous exploration resonates with my beliefs.

Every young mind holds a spark of curiosity, a potential that can burst into a brilliant display of creativity and knowledge. At Brains & Motion, we transcend traditional education. We are the spark that ignites passion, the guide that nurtures curiosity into skills, and the mentor that transforms young learners into tomorrow's innovators. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) has emerged as a crucial interdisciplinary approach that cultivates critical thinking and problem-solving skills and prepares students for the rapidly evolving technological landscape."


What are your areas of STEAM expertise?

"My expertise includes robotics, coding, and game development, integrated with mathematics, science, and language arts. I create interactive learning experiences that encourage problem-solving through hands-on projects. For example, campers might use physics to build robots or employ math skills to code their first video game. This immersive approach ensures that learning transcends the pages of textbooks to become a fun, engaging, and transformative experience."


How long have you been teaching in your areas of expertise?

"I've worked with numerous students for over four years in private sessions, classroom environments, and summer camps. I have well over 5,000 hours of online and in-person teaching experience for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade."


What excites you the most about the Summer 2024 camp season?

"The upcoming summer camp is a platform for self-discovery and turning theoretical knowledge into tangible skills. It's about empowering students to turn their curiosity into real-world skills and creativity through self-learning. By encouraging children to express their knowledge and incorporate that with their projects, they often teach themselves using skills they already have to complete activities and challenges presented to them in specific scenarios, fostering their independence and problem-solving abilities."


How do you incorporate creativity into your STEAM lessons?

"The most effective way to engage students is to connect the lessons to real-world applications through creative projects. This method makes learning more exciting and deepens the student's understanding and appreciation of the subjects.

One of my standout projects involves students designing and building their model ecosystems. This task requires them to draw on skills across all STEAM disciplines: they use technology and coding to simulate environmental changes, apply principles of engineering to construct the model, integrate math to manage the ecosystem's energy flows and biological cycles, and employ artistic design to bring their models to life visually. 

Such projects are invaluable because they allow students to experiment and solve problems creatively, seeing how different fields interconnect and influence one another."


Why is it important for kids to build STEAM skills?

"STEAM education is crucial for children to develop critical thinking, innovation, and thoughtful leadership. As technology—particularly AI—evolves, STEAM skills are vital for learning to use technology and understand and shape it."


What advice would you give kids trying something new for the first time?

"When children embark on a new journey, my advice is to embrace the adventure of learning with an open heart and a curious mind. I encourage students to view new challenges not as barriers but as exciting invitations to grow and discover.

I foster an environment where it's safe to experiment and take risks. I inform students that making mistakes is a natural learning process. Some of the most valuable learning moments come from experiments that don't go as planned.

During a robotics workshop, a student tried to program a robot to navigate through a maze. The robot bumped into walls several times, but with each mistake, the student adjusted the code, learning more about spatial awareness and the effects of each command. By the end of the session, not only had the robot completed the course, but the student had also gained a deeper understanding of coding and robotics. 

This approach teaches children resilience and problem-solving skills. It demonstrates that mastery involves persistence and the courage to try new things without fear of failure, instilling a sense of determination and motivation in them."


How do you stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in STEAM?

"I stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in STEAM through various professional development opportunities, including attending industry conferences, participating in specialized workshops, and enrolling in advanced courses. Additionally, I engage with a network of STEAM professionals through online forums and collaborative groups to exchange ideas and best practices. This ensures that our STEAM programs are relevant, forward-thinking, and aligned with the latest advancements."


What are your future career goals after teaching at Brains & Motion?

"I aim to continue playing a pivotal role in empowering young minds to harness the power of technology thoughtfully and creatively. I am committed to pushing the boundaries of educational experiences and positively impacting students' lives."


What do you hope kids will take away from their experience at our camps?

"BAM! summer camps are about cultivating a new perspective on learning and sparking a deep-seated enthusiasm for exploration and discovery. The outcomes of such experiences are genuinely remarkable. Students grasp complex computer science and graphic design concepts and undergo significant personal growth. 

I hope every child leaves our camp with the confidence to tackle complex problems, the creativity to think outside the box, and the courage to pursue their passions—whatever they may be."


We are thankful to Anshul for sharing these inspiring insights and can't wait for your child to meet him or another incredible mentor this summer at Brains & Motion. We encourage you to visit our blog regularly for more expert perspectives, and explore our lineup of Summer 2024 STEAM and sports camps.


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